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Our Store is up and running!

Tracey Mader

After months of hard work we finally have our store online!  We estimate we went through 2,000 to 3,000 boxes of dolls, action figures, & teddy bears.  Some we had to throw away because they just didn't hold up in storage.  Some we gave away to the Sheriff's department, the local news station, and toys for tots at Christmas time.  Some of the items that are not worth more than $5 we are putting in a huge garage sale.  The rest went into a giant stack that we have officially named, "The Stack". 
 This is where all the dolls, action figures, & teddy bears go if they have made the cut to get into our online store.  It is 20 foot wide by 40 foot long and about 6-7 feet tall.  We estimate that we have about 20,000 items in this stack!  We have about 600 in our store and we will be adding new items weekly.
You never know what we will find!!

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