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Tracey Mader


WOW!  Walking into the warehouse on moving day in March 2015 was overwhelming!  I had driven in from Texas the day before just to make sure I could see the move.  Once all of the boxes were moved in no one could move!  There were boxes everywhere!!  We all just stood there and looked at each other and I am quite sure we were all thinking the exact same thing, “WHERE IN THE HECK DO WE START????”  My Uncle Greg grabbed a box and opened it, then my Mom & Dad grabbed a couple and I joined in and so it began!  We immediately started to find some treasures.  Care Bears, Star Wars, and Patty Playpal just to name a few.  Whenever we got hungry we ordered in and ate on boxes.  We made a table out of the boxes and unpacked on that.  We couldn’t bring tables in because there was no room!  It was a 2,000 square foot building and the boxes were stacked higher than my head!! 

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